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Mix and match calls, texts and data

With a Virgin Media bundle, you get a month by month package of low-cost minutes and texts to any UK network. And if you find yourself needing extra minutes, texts or data from one month to the next, you can simply change your bundle.

What you get from a Virgin Media bundle:

  • Fantastic value - especially if your family and friends are on other UK networks.
  • 100% flexibility - change your bundle from month to month.
  • No commitment - cancel your monthly package at any time, without any charges.
  • No daily limits or time of day restrictions
  • Choose from 8 monthly packages to suit your needs – whether you're a talker, texter or like to browse the mobile web.

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Talk Bundles

How To Buy

£5 = 50 mins, 50 texts

Text: "BUY 50MINS 50TXTS" to 789789

£10 = 150 mins, 25 texts

Text: "BUY 150MINS 25TXTS" to 789789

£15 = 300 mins, 50 texts

Text: "BUY 300MINS 50TXTS" to 789789

£20 = 500 mins, 100 texts

Text: "BUY 500MINS 100TXTS" to 789789

Text Bundles

How To Buy

£5 = 50 mins, 50 texts

Text: "BUY 50MINS 50TXTS" to 789789

£10 = 50 mins, 250 texts

Text: "BUY 50MINS 250TXTS" to 789789

£15 = 100 mins, 500 texts

Text: "BUY 100MINS 500TXTS" to 789789

£20 = 100 mins, Unlimited texts

Text: "BUY 100MINS UNLTDTXTS" to 789789

Data Bundles

How To Buy

£5 = 1GB data

Text: "BUY DATA5" to 789789

You can use the airtime in your bundle to make calls and send messages from within the UK to any UK mobile network and landline (numbers beginning 01 and 02)! And it's not just mobile networks - standard UK calls are included too.

Ways to buy a bundle

By text

Text 'buy' plus the bundle name to 789789 eg. 'Buy 100 minutes'
or 'Buy 100 minutes and 200 texts'. (see table above)

By phone

You can also buy these bundles by calling 789 from your Virgin mobile.

When you buy a bundle, you agree to our bundles terms & conditions