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Switch to Virgin Mobile

It couldn't be easier.

If your mobile contract's coming to an end or you're just looking for a better deal, it's faster and easier to switch networks than you think! In fact, you could swap to Virgin Mobile in just 1 day. Here's how:

1. Check whether you're still under contract

Pay As You Go - This is normally no longer than 3 months.
Pay Monthly - This is normally no longer than 18 months. Had your phone for over a year? It might still be worth your while switching now.

2. Get your phone unlocked

  • Call your existing network and tell them you want to switch.
  • You may need to give them one month's notice and pay an unlocking fee of £35 or more, but even then you could be better off.
  • Next your provider will give a code. Type it into your phone. A couple of seconds later, your phone will be unlocked and ready to go!

3. Want to keep your number? You can do that too! Just order your phone and then ask your current service provider for your Port Authorisation Code (PAC). This is a code that lets you transfer from one network to another.

Once you've got that, just call us on 0345 6000 789* from your mobile phone and we could transfer your old number to your new Virgin Mobile in just 1 day. Just click here for all you need to know about keeping your number.


*Please note standard charges apply, please check with your network operator for rates


What if I have problems unlocking my phone from my operator?

Go through your operator's formal complaints procedure first. If you're still not happy, contact the UK's telecoms industry regulator, OFCOM by calling: 0300 123 3333*.

If I'm still under contract, can I switch?

If you pay monthly and have had your phone for less than a year, it might still be worth your while to switch now rather than waiting.