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Add an airtime bundle

Get better value airtime to any UK network

What are Virgin Mobile bundles?

Bundles are packages of minutes, texts, internet access and picture messages that give you discounted airtime to any UK network.

You can use your bundle to:

  • Call mates on other UK networks
  • Text mobiles on other UK networks
  • Make standard UK calls  


Just to let you know, our airtime package doesn't include things like calls to premium rate lines or texts to shortcode text services. You can see our full list of call charges in our tariff table

There are no time of day restrictions and no daily limits. You're free to use them whenever you like.

How bundles work

Once you're set up, we'll automatically renew your bundle every month. Here's how it's done:

1. The cost of your bundle is taken from your airtime balance, so all you need to do is top up first

2. We'll text you three days before your bundle is due to be renewed, so you'll have plenty of time to get topped up

3. Any unused airtime is carried over for one more month - that's when you top up and your bundle is automatically renewed.

4. And if you'd like to see how many minutes or messages you have left, you can check your balance by dialling 789, or texting BALANCE to 789789.

If you pay by Direct Debit, then you need to make sure that you're within your credit limit.

If you choose not to top up in time to renew your bundle, or cancel it, that's okay with us. Though you won't be able to carry over any unused airtime

Bundles are really flexible

You can choose one bundle at a time, and once it’s set up you can:

  • Change it - to any size and type you choose.
  • Cancel it - if you decide that bundles aren’t for you, you can cancel at any time


Any changes will take effect at the end of the bundle month. So all you need to do is give us at least 2 days notice, and we'll change or cancel your bundle for you. If you don't give us enough time, you'll need to wait until after your next bundle expires. If you're not sure when your bundle finishes, don't worry - we'll let you know by text 3 days before the month is up.

How to buy a bundle

It's really easy to buy a bundle. Here's how:

  • Online – add a bundle right here, right now
  • By text – simply text the word 'BUY' followed by the name of the bundle you want to 789789.



Can I use my bundle to make calls abroad?

No, you can use bundles to make calls or send texts to any mobile in the UK. You can use them to make standard UK calls, too. But calls abroad are not included.

What happens if I don't use all of my bundle?

You can keep it for an extra month, when you have your bundle automatically renewed.

..and if I cancel my bundle?

If you cancel your bundle that's okay with us. Though you'll need to use up all your minutes and messages before your bundle month ends.