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About your bill

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How can I see my bill?

There are three different ways of viewing your Virgin Mobile bill. Just select the one that suits you best by visiting Your Account and clicking on "Your Bill". You can choose from:

  • Online (e-billing) - You'll be emailed every month as soon as your bill is ready. You can then view your bill by logging into Your Account and clicking on See Your Bill. You'll see your last 3 e-bills there, along with full descriptions of all the calls you've made and texts you've sent. If you've got Adobe Acrobat on your computer you can view and print your last 12 E-bills. Plus, with your last 3 E-bills, you can view a useful summary of all the charges, the numbers you've called and texted and even search for calls by date, number or even how long the conversation was!
  • Text message - If you prefer to keep things simple, getting your bill by text message is just right for you. We'll send you a text to let you know how much you need to pay and when it'll be taken from your bank account. If you want more details, you can check out your recent calls and payments online in Your Account. Or, if you want more details, you can swap to e-billing whenever you like.
  • Paper - If you like a good old-fashioned paper bill in the post we can do that for you. Just remember, there's a charge of £1.25 per bill and you might need to wait a couple of extra days to receive your bill by post.

When do I get my bill?

You'll get your very first bill in the first week of your contract. It'll include your first monthly charge, as well as all your call details up to the billing date. From then on, we'll send you your bill on the same date every month.


Why do I get my bill on one day and my airtime package on another?

Your airtime package starts on the day that you buy your contract and you'll get a full month to use your allowance before it refreshes on the same date the next month. Your bill date usually comes a few days after your contract start date and it's this one that determines when your Direct Debit will be taken. If you like, you can change your bill date without affecting your airtime package date. Just call our team on 789 from your Virgin Mobile and we'll sort it out for you.

And you can check how much allowance you have left at any time, just by logging into Your Account.


Can I change the date my Direct Debit is taken?

Absolutely. All you need to do is call us on 789 from your Virgin Mobile and we'll change your Direct Debit date to one that suits you better. Once you've changed your Direct Debit date, you'll need to wait at least 3 months before you can change it again.


Why is my bill higher than my package?

There are a few reasons why you might find extra charges on your bill. Here are some of them:

  • Non-inclusive calls or texts - Your minutes or texts package covers calls or texts to any UK standard rate fixed number (so that's numbers beginning 01, 02 and 03), or to any UK mobile number. If you call or text other numbers (like premium rate services, international numbers or directory enquiries), you'll be charged separately and the details for these calls will be on your bill.
  • Other usage not covered by your package - If you use your mobile to buy premium rate texts, games, ringtones or to surf the internet (without a Mobile Broadband package), you'll be charged separately for this too.
  • Usage that's not included in your package - Once you've used up the amount included in your package, you'll be charged at the standard rate for additional minutes. You'll find all the details of these calls and texts on your bill.
  • Paper Bill Charge - If you've chosen to get a paper bill by post, there's a charge of £1.25 per bill. If you'd rather not pay for paper bills, just go to Your Account, click 'How you get your bill' and choose another billing option.
  • Other reasons - You'll find details of all other extra charges on your bill, but if you have any questions, just contact us.

When will my payment be taken?

The Direct Debit payment will be collected from your bank account 10 working days after the bill date. Every month you'll find the exact date of the Direct Debit on the first page of your bill, just below your balance. We'll always take the payment on or immediately after the date shown on your bill.


How do I know which calls are included in my package?

Any calls or texts that are included in your package are marked on your bill with a little black dot on the right hand side. Any extra calls or texts won't have a black dot beside them, so you'll know which ones aren't included.


How does my credit limit work?

When you Pay Monthly, or Pay As You Go by Direct Debit, we'll set a credit limit on your account. We'll review your credit limit regularly to make sure its set at the right level for you. You can see your credit limit and your current balance through Your Account. You'll also be able to see your credit limit on your bill. Although we'll do our best to let you know when you're near your limit, you shouldn't rely on your credit limit for your own budgeting, since it might not always be possible to reach you. If you do go over your limit our Team may suspend your phone temporarily, just until you get back on your feet again. If this happens you will need to make an interim payment. The easiest way to do that is online in Your Account and clicking on Make a payment. It's not a good idea to rely on your credit limit, whether you're at home or abroad. That's because calls made abroad can take us a little longer to process they come from our network partners, which means you could easily go over your limit. If you do, you'll still have to pay for all of the charges.


Why do I have charges for more than one text at the same time?

Looks like you've gone over one page and sent more than one text. One page is 160 characters long (that includes spaces!) and if you go over this, you'll notice it'll go into more pages. Each page counts as one text.


My Direct Debit has failed what happens next?

All you have to do is pay with a different method this month. Just give the Team a call on 789 from your Virgin Mobile or 0845 6000789 from a landline. We'll take a credit or debit card payment this month and check that your direct debit is ready for next months payment.


How can I get a paper copy of my online bill?

If you select View Bill Online from Your Account, you'll see a list of your recent bills. Next to each one in the list there's a button you can click to View/Print your bill. Clicking this button will show you a printable version of your bill.


How will I be charged for using Mobile Web?

Using the internet via your mobile or via your laptop if you have a Mobile Broadband is charged per Kilobyte (KB). Check your tariff to see the mobile internet charges.

We give you unlimited web access for just 30p a day, no matter which site you look at online.