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If you're going to places that aren't listed here, you might like to change to one of our Pay Monthly Contracts, which are available in the Shop. With a Pay Monthly contract you can use your phone in over 200 countries.

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From within the European Union,  Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein
Texts: 5p a text Free
Picture messages: 30p per message Free (Picture messaging requires GPRS coverage)
All other regions
Region 1 8p a text Free
Region 2 50p a text Free
Region 3 30p a text Free
Region 4 £1 a text Free
Region 5 25p a text Free
Region 6 30p a text Free
Picture messages: 30p per message Free (Picture messaging requires GPRS coverage)

Mobile Web

From within the European Union, Switzerland, Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein:

10MB Travel Pass = £1.50

50MB Travel Pass = £6

250MB Travel Pass = £20

Text 'BUY 10MB' to 23456

Text 'BUY 50MB' to 23456

Text 'BUY 250MB' to 23456

EU Data Travel Passes last for 30 days

EU law requires us to limit your data usage to a value of €50 and not allow you to transmit or receive more data when that limit is reached unless you proactively elect to do so. If you purchase EU data passes, your data usage will not be limited to €50 but will be limited to the value of data purchased.

For Non EU countries check out the data charges by selecting the country from the regions table above.

For more information on using mobile web abroad, click here.

Got an iPhone or iPad? Click here for information about surfing the web abroad.

Other call costs

Voicemail: Receiving voicemail messages is free of charge in the EU only. Outside of the EU you'll be charged the standard call charge for the region you're in.

Listening to voicemail will be charged at the call rate for the region you're in.
789: Top up & recorded information calls are free
Calls to our team are £2 per call
+447953967201: Recorded information is free
Voice-activated services: Standard call rate from the region you're in plus the advertised UK rate
Text services: Rate for sending messages based on the region you're in plus the advertised UK rate
Directory enquiries:

£2 per minute from any region

Call 118918 for UK enquiries and 118899 for international enquries

For customers with disabilities call +44 7953 966 195. Calls will cost the same as the standard call rate for the region you're in.

UK premium rate numbers: £2.50 per minute from any region
Calls to satellite phones or via satellite (e.g on a cruise ship):

Making a call: £5 per minute from any region.

Receiving a call: Not available

Outbound text: £2

Inbound text: Free

Picture Message: Not Available

Accessing Mobile Web: £ 12.50 per MB

Emergency service 112: Free
Charity & Freefone numbers: Free to numbers listed on our website